Amazing hospitality needs to
be supported by more than
just an amazing building

It also needs the customisation and optimisation provided by Hoxell

There’s a Hoxell model tailored to your specific needs



My hotels are among TripAdvisor’s ‘number ones’, but it’s not thanks to me. It’s thanks to Hoxell. Carlo Fontana

The Hoxell concept was the vision of a hotelier with a long family tradition in the hotel business, working with a team of professionals and technicians specialised in the hospitality industry.

Hoxell thus combines an enormous passion for the hotel business with the conviction that guest satisfaction is the absolute fundamental element for the success of any accommodation facility.

The Hoxell Team

What is Hoxell?

Hoxell is an online platform designed to make your hotel’s hospitality unforgettable

Hoxell’s Advantages are Your Advantages


Hoxell adapts seamlessly to all kinds of facilities allowing all of your guests to customise their stays and begin a personal, direct relationship with your team.


It optimises workflow, streamlines tasks, and speeds the flow of information among your staff.


It simplifies work, it’s easy to install, easy to learn and immediately operative.


It integrates with existing systems, avoids useless expenditures and connects all of the functions involved in running a hotel, quickly and logically.

What does Hoxell do? Control, sharing, satisfaction

Hoxell integrates and simplifies all of your hotel’s internal and external relationships and management in a single programme which interfaces with your PMS

A new standard for relationships and monitoring

Hoxell lets you monitor the operational flow of the whole hotel in real time: from bookings and arrivals to guest room occupation, breakdowns, staff communication and communication with guests before, during and after their stays – which thus gets customised to the highest degree. The goal of Hoxell is to provide exceptional service, enhancing both the work atmosphere within the hotel and the hotel's relationship with its customers.


Customising the stay

Guests can fully customise their stays at anytime before they arrive

Sending contact emails to guests

Hoxell takes care of sending contact emails to guests: from the booking confirmation to the bon voyage

1-to-1 communication with guests

Through Hoxell, you establish direct contact with your guests. No more lost emails or messages

The Stay

Housekeeping Management

The whole workflow for the Housekeeping department is perfectly managed and monitored, from A to Z

Maintenance Management

The Maintenance department keeps the whole facility under control, in real time. No repair job will ever be forgotten again

MyPage Customisation

MyPage can be customised to include the information that you specifically want to present to your guests


Customised Welcome Home Message

On returning home, your guests will receive a thank you email, with an optional request to submit an online review

Development of Customer Loyalty

Your guests’ MyPage will stay permanently active and they will be able to access it any time they want, benefiting from being recognised and rewarded by your establishment.

Advanced Data Export

You can export booking data using advanced filters, so that it can be used for marketing purposes

Use the interactive screen below to learn more about the Hoxell functions that can be customised to meet any needs.


Booking information entered into your PMS is automatically transferred to Hoxell, which then creates a personal MyPage for your guest. From that point forward, MyPage becomes the centre of all communication with the guest: before, during, and after their stay.

MyPage offers guests:

  • Communication tailored to the stage of the guest's journey': before, during and after the stay
  • Quick online check-in
  • Room customisation: temperature, pillow type, minibar contents, etc.
  • A way of updating their booking in real time
  • Weather forecasts and useful information for their arrival
  • Contact form
  • Archive of past and future bookings
  • Sight-seeing tips
  • Special offers
  • Direct booking without using an OTA (Online Travel Agency)
  • Multilingual interface

Emails Sent to guests

Confirmation and ‘bon voyage’ emails to guests: once the confirmation email is sent, you will begin communicating with your guests, offering them the information most useful and relevant to their stay. A simple and intuitive ‘call to action’ will invite them to customise their own guest room, personalising their experience at your hotel in every detail. It’s a pleasantly surprising introduction to your hotel’s hospitality.

‘Welcome home’ email: to increase your brand reputation even more, you can opt to send your guest a ‘welcome home’ email, inviting them to share their experience at your hotel with other Web users. You can decide whether or not to include a widget with a direct link to TripAdvisor or any other online Web platform.

Customised emails: your staff will be able to respond to guest requests by sending a customised email that brings them to their MyPage by either choosing from a range of pre-compiled templates, in a variety of languages, or creating a new one in just a few seconds. You can also send customised offers to increase direct sales, using a simple, intuitive interface that lets you send tailor-made ‘online’ quotes in less than 60 seconds. And you can monitor the status of the offer (pending, confirmed, rejected) and send, if necessary, a reminder to encourage the sale and increase your confirmation rate.


This is the module that will let you bring the Guest Experience platform to your facility quickly and easily, making communication between departments extremely fluid and greatly improving information exchange.

With Hoxell, most of the daily activities connected to guest rooms (preparation, checking, malfunction management, guest requests, shift collaboration, minibar notifications, lost & found, etc.) are handled in a totally new way; helping your staff to work more efficiently, reducing stress, and gaining back valuable time that can be dedicated to the guests.

Room Assignments: say goodbye to printouts, Excel spreadsheets, Post-It notes and last-minute phone calls. With Hoxell, you can organise the housekeepers’ work in just a few minutes and make real-time updates to the schedule.

Room Cleaning: when the room is clean, the housekeeper can inform reception and all of the other departments that the room is ready to be occupied.

Malfunction Notifications: in-room and common area malfunctions can be signalled, so that they can be fixed right away.

Minibar and Linen Usage: Hoxell lets you monitor minibar and linen usage, so that you can get a quicker and more accurate count.

Room Standards and Assessment: you can assess the quality of the room cleaning using a simple form, assisted by visual support of operational standards.


Your hotel’s ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work can be easily managed through the dedicated Hoxell module.

Signalling and Fixing Malfunctions: when a malfunction is signalled, the information is shared in real time with the entire staff, increasing your hotel’s operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Assigning and Planning Regular Tasks: all requests for assistance can be resolved or moved to the to-do list, so that the right personnel can be scheduled for the job.

Everything Kept Under Control in Real Time: through advanced, graphic reports, you can analyse all signalled and resolved malfunctions.

Internal Communication

This function lets you save valuable time and communicate with staff simply and quickly, avoiding misunderstandings and confusion.

Ad Hoc Messages: every staff member can communicate with any other or, in the case of more general information, communicate information to multiple colleagues as the same time.

The push notification system and message-received notifications ensure that messages wil never be lost or forgotten.

Messages for the Entire Staff: you can post messages on a convenient online ‘notice board’ that the whole staff can see, as well as schedule future messages using a convenient calendar.

Staff and Shift Schedule Management

Hate spreadsheets? Using a convenient calendar, you can create work schedules for every department with less effort and clearer results.

Calendar Recap: you can review past shift assignments at any time, to make sure that scheduling stays fair.

Requests for Days Off and Special Permission: your staff can request days off using a simple form in the Calendar section, which keeps track of all requests as well as their acceptance or rejection by the department manager.

Performance Monitoring

Every department has access to reports and precise statistics for the constant monitoring of:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Malfunctions/maintenance work
  • Cleaning/evening guest room check and checklists
  • Housekeeper inspections and qualitative checklists
  • Room quality control
  • PMS traces and guest preferences
  • Lost & Found
  • ... and lots more!

The advantages of innovation without a steep learning curve

Using Hoxell you will discover a simpler and more effective way of doing your work; increasing communication, decreasing wasted time, and reducing mistakes to a minimum. The tablet based interface that your staff will use is simple and intuitive and will not present any difficulties, even for those who have never used a computer or a touch screen before. Staff training requires a minimal amount of time, so that your personnel are immediately operational and independent.

The satisfaction enjoyed by people who use it

The people who have chosen Hoxell for their own hotels can tell you about the advantages they have experienced, even after having just started using it

The hotels using Hoxell have seen considerable increases in positive reviews on online portals like TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia, etc. It is no accident that one finds efficient use of the platform by the whole staff of hotels using Hoxell in the highest positions on these portals

Hoxell is everything you need for increasing the success of your hotel

  • Raising brand reputation
  • Boosting online reviews
  • Enhancing guest relations
  • Optimising operational procedures, improving response times and reducing costs
  • Sharing all information in real time

How have you been doing it up until now?
Hoxell is the solution to your problems

Tailored to your needs You do not need to adapt yourself to Hoxell: Hoxell adapts itself to you

  • Hoxell


  • Room assignment
  • Room Plan interface with PMS
  • Internal messaging
  • Shift management
  • Room cleaning management
  • Malfunction notifications
  • Reports
  • Technical assistance
  • Information
  • Hoxell


  • Hoxell START
  • +
  • Minibar charge
  • Linen count
  • Turn-down service
  • Inspection service
  • Do Not Disturb notification
  • Regular tasks
  • Room Quality Control
  • Document repository
  • Room block
  • Breakfast module
  • Bar items
  • Lost & Found management
  • Traces & Preferences
  • Information
  • * Most Popular
  • Hoxell


  • MyPage
  • Stay customisation
  • Guest mailing management
  • 1-to-1 communication w/ guests
  • Quick check-in
  • Information
  • Hoxell


  • Hoxell MyPage
  • +
  • MyPage customisation
  • Diary module
  • Offers module
  • Checklist management
  • Welcome letter printing
  • Fidelity card printing
  • Upselling module
  • Information
We have the perfect solution even for
  Hotel   Resort   Holiday Farm   Camp Site

We have the perfect solution even for your structure

Is Hoxell only for big hotels or can it also be used for a small business like mine?
Hoxell is for any kind of accommodation facility. The most important thing is for the people who choose our platform to have a mentality focused on hospitality excellence. An exceptional facility is not made up of stars, but of people. That is who Hoxell is designed for.
What are the technological requirements I need in order to install Hoxell?
Hoxell is a Web platform and does not require installation on the hotel’s computers. The facility needs to have a good Wi-Fi connection, which is what the mobile devices will be connected to. Hoxell is entirely installed in the cloud, but you can also install it on a local, dedicated server. Hoxell is perfectly compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android systems.
Which PMSs can Hoxell interface with?
Many PMSs are already certified for use with Hoxell, for example: Opera, Fidelio 8, Protel, HotelCube… The list is constantly growing, since we add new interfaces every day.
Does Hoxell interface with technological systems other than PMSs?
Yes, Hoxell can interface with building management systems like STS ISI, VDA and Microdevice. It can also interface with booking engine systems, like Vertical Booking, Bookassist…
Is there a help service?
Hoxell offers various types of technical assistance, based on the version you have installed. What they all have in common is high quality and fast response times for resolving problems and requests.
Will Hoxell replace my current booking engine with MyPage?
No, Hoxell integrates the booking engine already being used by your hotel. Since MyPage is a secure page specific to the individual guest, you are free to offer any kind of promotion or discount, customised to each guest, thereby fostering loyalty and disintermediation from online sales portals.
How much does Hoxell cost?
We do not have a price list for our platform. The price is determined ad hoc after a deep analysis of your facility and the functions that you would like to implement. To get an idea of the investment involved, contact us through the contact form and one of our sales staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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