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Hoxell's MyPage

Digital Personal Concierge

With MyPage, Hoxell's Personal Concierge, you can offer your guests a unique and personalized experience, handling all extra requests and increasing their loyalty.

Accompany your guest throughout the entire stay experience

With Hoxell's Digital Personal Concierge you can take care of every detail of your guests' experience, handling requests in real time throughout their stay. This will enable you to build trust with your guests and cultivate a loyal customer base.

Real-time communication between your team and guestsEngage in official communication with your guests directly from your facility, promptly addressing their queries and fulfilling their requests
Create a bond of trust with the guestIt serves as a constant guide and source of information during the entire duration of their stay
Improve ratings, improve reviewsSatisfied and delighted customers consistently share glowing reviews, elevating your standing and drawing in fresh visitors

Add Personal Concierge to your Hospitality Operations Platform, and become your guest's reference point

Cristiana Boccato
Cristiana BoccatoGeneral Manager Park Hotel Brasilia, Jesolo


"Hoxell in one word? Efficiency. And above all, a tool developed by hoteliers for hoteliers."

Matteo Marzot
Matteo MarzotOwner Hotel Spadari al Duomo di Milano, Hotel Duca di York Milan, Hotel Turin Palace Turin


"Thanks to Hoxell, not only has coordination between departments improved, but there is also a strong sense of teamwork. It facilitates our work, providing us with the information we need, in just one click."

Katja Müller
Katja MüllerFront Office Manager - Hotel Splendide Royal, Lugano


"Hoxell facilitates communication between departments by reducing the margin of human error. I am extremely satisfied."

Functions in detail


The welcome begins before your guests arrive

The system sends an email with restricted access to a customised web page called MyPage. With MyPage, guests can personalise their stay, enhancing their travel experience. MyPage also allows you to better understand your customers' needs and act accordingly: for example, booking an airport shuttle, an in-room dinner, an excursion... With MyPage, you increase your property's ancillary revenue


Follow up with your guests during their stay
Enhance your guests' experience by adding personalized sections that will cater to their needs and elevate the quality of their stay. Offer an array of engaging events, restaurant recommendations or even wellness treatments, all while boosting your ancillary revenue in the process


Retain your guests
By utilizing MyPage, you have the ability to maintain ongoing interactions with your guests, resulting in a boost in direct revenue and a decrease in intermediation costs. MyPage's personalized communication cultivates a strong connection between you and your guests. Additionally, the implementation of a Personal Concierge enhances the WOW factor and elevates your online reputation

Accompany your guest throughout the entire experience of their stay to increase their satisfaction, boost revenue with upsells and improve your reputation in reviews

Next steps

Are you excited to enhance and streamline your property operations with the innovative solutions provided by Hoxell?

We assess your needs togetherLet us analyse your facility together and help you set up Hoxell Personal Concierge so that you can start using it right away
Based on Hoxell Quality OperationsThis module relies on Hoxell Quality Operations, so it integrates with all other activities in the facility and with your PMS
We train your staff We provide comprehensive guidance to your staff on a daily basis, enlightening them on the seamless utilization of Hoxell and the hassle-free installation of the management system on their devices
Accompaniment and support

Our assistance is at your disposal to help you with any special needs or requirements

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