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Hoxell's Quality Operations

Hospitality Operations Digital Platform

The intuitive, state-of-the-art platform that interfaces with your PMS and digitizes and optimizes all your facility's operations, connecting all departments in real-time.

Hoxell: il gestionale per le strutture alberghiere

A management system created for hoteliers, by hoteliers

All the information staff needs is gathered in one place, easily accessible at any time from any device. Communication between departments has never been easier: tasks become clearer and accessible from any device, drastically reducing human error and work overload.

Customize guest services to get better reviewsHoxell prioritizes delivering personalized services to its guests by maintaining clear and effective communication, while also embracing the opportunities for upselling and promoting greater satisfaction
Optimizes time and tasksClear and prioritised tasks: guest requests, repairs or other instructions are clear so that tasks are carried out promptly by the staff. Automation of processes increases efficiency and reduces administrative work
Data updated in real time

Having real time information at your disposal facilitates collaboration between colleagues, makes departments more autonomous and allows them to respond to customer requests more quickly and efficiently

Check and analyze digital reports from various departments

Hoxell's Hospitality Operations Platform offers digitized performance reports for facilities, enabling the identification of improvement opportunities and enhancing the ease of information retrieval

The Hospitality Operations Platform
that improves the operations of every
area of your facility

CheckFront Office
CheckFood & Beverage

More than 300 establishments have chosen us... and they never want to go back! Find out why.

Cristiana Boccato
Cristiana BoccatoGeneral Manager Park Hotel Brasilia, Jesolo


"Hoxell in one word? Efficiency. And above all, a tool developed by hoteliers for hoteliers."

Matteo Marzot
Matteo MarzotOwner Hotel Spadari al Duomo di Milano, Hotel Duca di York Milan, Hotel Turin Palace Turin


"Thanks to Hoxell, not only has coordination between departments improved, but there is also a strong sense of teamwork. It facilitates our work, providing us with the information we need, in just one click."

Katja Müller
Katja MüllerFront Office Manager - Hotel Splendide Royal, Lugano


"Hoxell facilitates communication between departments by reducing the margin of human error. I am extremely satisfied."

Who benefits from using Hoxell?

Everyone on your staff will benefit on a daily basis

HousekeepingClear and prioritized communication and tasks, digital checklists that are always up-to-date and easy to follow
MaintenanceOur repair orders are meticulously organized and prioritized. Accessing all technical documentation is a breeze, making troubleshooting and repairs a seamless process
Front OfficeEasy-to-find guest information and easy assignment of tasks in a transparent and digital form
F&B All breakfast information is grouped and digitised on one page, allowing staff to take note of guest requests
ManagementClear view of the property activities in real time, and easy-to-obtain, easy-to-read and easy-to-analysed statistics

Our Hospitality Operations Platform integrates seamlessly with any PMS, updating your guests' booking details in real time.
Discover the integrations

Functions in detail


Automate, plan and monitor every cleaning task
Automates and assigns tasks

Task automation allows repetitive tasks to be performed quickly, accurately, reducing human error and improving overall efficiency of operations

Plan priorities

Managing priorities and last-minute requests is easier and less labor-intensive.

Simplify activities with digital checklists

Digital checklists can be used to standardize procedures and processes in each department

Check the status of rooms in real time

Keep track of all room statuses in real-time and reduce inspection time by automating tasks


Plan recurring activities, announce and organize urgent ones
Open a maintenance ticket anytime

Any employee can report a fault or technical problem in real-time with the help of photos

Plan your recurring maintenance in good time

You can create predefined maintenance schedules, set deadlines and frequency and assign them to staff

Collect documentation

With digital reports, you have the convenience of checking resolved, past, and current faults at any given time.

Front Office

Giving the right information, to the right people, at the right time
Real-time room status

No more phone calls to find out if a room is clean or inspected.
With the 2-way interface even the PMS will update automatically.

Prioritizing team activities

Achieve seamless organization of your team's work with just one simple click, ensuring that tasks are prioritized accurately and efficiently.

Adapting services to the guest

Anticipating your guests' requests will now be easier and more precise.

Lost and found

Digitise the Lost & Found process easily and paperlessly

Food and beverage

Customising the breakfast according to guests' preferences
Breakfast under control

All breakfast information is digitized on one page. Manage your guests' preferences quickly and easily.

Reduce Food Waste

Real-time counts will allow you to optimize the restocking of the breakfast buffet without unnecessary waste.


Control your property in real-time
Data Collection

Effortless and all-encompassing reporting. Stay constantly informed about the data and analysis of your business operations with just a few effortless clicks.

Monitoring Costs

With the simple setup the can have cost statistics of your consumption such as linen, minibar, or any item you want to monitor.

Resource and schedule management

With the digitization of work shifts, you have the schedules of all departments under control.

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Next steps

Are you looking forward to optimizing your facility with our Hotel Operations Platform?

Let us assess your needs togetherOnce you've experienced the power of our free demo and signed on the dotted line, our team will join forces with you to carefully analyze your structure and expertly guide you through the setup process of Hoxell
Set the number of rooms to be managedNot only the rooms: other spaces, such as the sauna, meeting room, and gymnasium are also manageable environments from Hoxell
We train the staffWe provide training to your staff on the daily utilization of Hoxell and the seamless installation of the software on various devices
Accompaniment and supportWe are here to provide you with our expertise and support to meet all your unique needs and requirements

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